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Dr. Tonya Coats

Wife, Mother, Author, Family Doctor (ret.)

Born and raised in Chicago, Dr. Tonya Coats is formerly trained in Family Medicine. After choosing to retire and take care of her family, (Spouse Rob, now young adults, Robert and Kennedy) she found a new passion in creative writing. 

Tonya has published a short story The Healer, in the Off Campus Writers' Workshop anthology, A Reason to Be Here.  A second piece, When I Was Five:, has been accepted in the OCWW Summer 2021 anthology Turning Points. 

Double Stranded 
 is her first full length manuscript. A suspense novel, she is looking for the right publishing home for it. In the meantime Tonya is well into her second manuscript, a surprising magical realism piece, Sandwich.

Writing about African-Americans living as they are and not as some people believe they are, Tonya is influenced by her study of ancestry and family interactions.

Excerpts from her writing can be found in current and upcoming blog posts, TLC Thursdays.

tlc Thursdays


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